Walkthrough- Dragon Age Inquisition- The Tiniest Cave Quest

By Rachel Allen

Almost all of the quests in Bioware’s 2014 game Dragon Age Inquisition are fairly straightforward.  The hardest objectives may just be finding where you need to go or solving a puzzle.  But the quest that stands out from this is known as The Tiniest Cave, a quest that was so obscure that Bioware had to tell the fans how to find it.  A Bioware developer named Liam Robertson leaked the start of this quest, and players were able to link that information to another secret that had been found in the game.

            Step 1:

            To trigger this secret quest, you will need to have access to the map area known as The Emerald Graves, which become available to scout for power after reaching the castle of Skyhold through the main quest.  The exact location on the map is depicted above.  On the upper raised portion of the map, along the river, you will find what triggers this quest near the bridge across the river.  It can be somewhat difficult to find, as it is not very large and is tucked into a rock formation with shrubbery growing around it.    What you are looking for is a small rock formation that appears to be a very small cave, with flowers around the outside.

            Step 2:

            Once you have found this cave, jump on it.  You need to step on top of it and just jump up and down for a while.  It can take different amounts of jumping and may take a while to trigger but just keep jumping.  After a while, you will know the quest has triggered when you hear a strange creepy sounding voice begin to speak. 

            Step 3:

            After the voice begins to speak with you, you need to trigger it to continue its dialogue.  You can do this easily by running away and returning to its cave.  The quest will progress when the voice begins asking for more of something.

            Step 4:

            The voice won’t tell you what it needs more of, which can make this quest frustrating if you don’t have a guide like this one.  It actually wants 10 Crystal Grace flowers, a plant used in crafting.  There are a few of these in The Emerald Graves, one by the journal needed for the quest Motherly Encouragement.  Several more plants are located in the region known as The Hinterlands, which is the first region you gain access to in the game.  It may take some time to gather all the flowers, though they will respawn in those same locations if you have been gone long enough.

            Step 5:

            Once you have all the flowers, just bring them back to the cave, and the voice should tell you about some stairs, but won’t tell you where they are located.  You will need access to the region Emprise Du Lion for this next part of the quest, which should have become available to scout for power after you reached Skyhold.  This region is higher level though, so you should make sure you are prepared before going there.

            Step 6:

            In Emprise Du Lion, near the Red Templar mines, you need to follow the path that hugs the southern side of the keep.  The exact location is pictured above.  There is a long cave that you need to go through that ends in a small open area with some rubble and a torch. 

Step 7:

You need to climb on the rubble and jump onto the rocks, where you should see a wall of snow.  This wall is fake, it has no collision, so just walk right through.  You might want to bring the torch as it is quite dark inside.  You will be in a passageway with stairs leading down.  Go down the stairs, there are a lot of them but just keep going. 

Step 8:

You’ll find yourself in a large open area with a chasm and a small path leading out over it.  At the end of that path is a chest with your reward.  The Ardent Blossom helmet, a flower crown with decent stats, is now yours.  You can keep it for yourself to be the prettiest in all Thedas or equip it on one of your companions for a laugh.

Pictures from the Dragon Age Wiki

Pictures also from Zari3la on tumblr

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