The Stanley Parable: “I’m needed” walkthrough

By Sidd Rao

This ending to the game helps to explore the relationship between the player and narrator throughout many different games and settings to try and prove in the end the narrator is necessary.

Step 1: turn around and walk out of the personal office.

Step 2: walk through the office and then turn right after proceeding through the door.

Step 3: proceed though the hallway making a left and then entering a room with two doors.

Step 4: purposefully ignore the narrators instructions and go through the door on the right.

Step 5: follow the hallway until the lounge and then walk through the lounge.

Step 6: again ignore the narrators instructions and walk through the door at the end of the hall.

Step 7: take the open left door and walk into the warehouse.

Step 8: now make your way to the platform to the right of the given area.

Step 9: step onto the platform to the right side and do not fall off.

Step 10: purposefully fall off of the platform onto the catwalk, you should be able to see the catwalk when looking completely down.

Step 11: follow the catwalk to the right and through the hallway.

Step 12: once you encounter the blue and red doors walk through the blue door to the dismay of the narrator.

Step 13: again walk through the blue door.

Step 14: turn around and again walk through the blue door.

Step 15: follow the hallway and go through the door at the end.

Step 16: now go through the “new” door on the right.

Step 17: choose any rating you want, choosing 1 gives additional voice lines from the narrator along with a better response.

Step 18: admire the scoreboard as much as you want and then proceed through the “new” door yet again.

Step 19: again choose any rating you see fit, 1 for the best response.

Step 20: play the “baby game” as long as you like or simply let it die, will result in the same next step causing the game to restart. Unless you play this for 4 hours along with a “dog game” which will give you a special ending where you understand the “baby game” to its fullest, much better to look it up on youtube.

Step 21: walk through the dirt house that has been made, this will happen a small monologue from the narrator.

Step 22: exit the house and follow the narrators directions down into the mine, go as far as you want nothing will change and the game will restart.

Step 23: exit the cell and walk around the cell to the right. you can pick up the radio while in the cell and carry it with you, along with any other item in the cell (can only carry one item at a time).

Step 24: place the cube onto the large button on the floor and proceed through the newly opened door.

Step 25: fall down into the empty unfinished office building below.

Step 26: jump down again, it does not matter where.

Step 27: go straight through two doors and then make a left.

Step 28: walk towards the light and enter the control room.

Step 29: walk back out of the room and the narrator will monologue some more. upon doing this multiple times, it seems that you can also wander aimlessly until the narrator does his monologue to get the same ending.

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