How to defeat The Pursuer (boss battle) from Dark Souls 2 the easy way

by Kyle Stephens

The Pursuer is one of the most annoying mini-bosses found in Dark Souls 2.  He happens to be a big boss found in the Forest of Fallen Giants, with his move sets varying from one to three hits with his great sword.  He also happens to have a curse attack (indicated when his sword turns blue) which goes for massive damage and is unblockable!  He may also use his shield to stagger you, leaving you super vulnerable.  Some new players to the series (like me) will find this boss to be very difficult.  However, there is a way to defeat him very quickly, if you do the following steps:

  1. Get a weapon that can be used to easily parry The Pursuer.  If you buy the key that the merchant in the Cardinal Tower in the Forest of Fallen Giants and open the blacksmith’s house (The blacksmith’s name is Lenigrast), he will be there the next time you visit Majula.  Go to his place and buy a parrying weapon.  I recommend a Rapier, which only costs 1000 souls.
This Merchant has the key to the blacksmith’s house in Majula (Don’t ask me how she got it.  It’s a mystery to never be solved)
Lenigrast, the blacksmith.  You talk to him to get weapons.
This is the Rapier.  You will want this weapon for the battle against The Pursuer

2.  Return to the Forest of Fallen Giants via the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

Cardinal Tower Bonfire.  You will return here after buying the Rapier

3.  Equip the Rapier or your good parry weapon with both hands.  This is done by pressing (I’m using default controls here) the Triangle button on PS3 and PS4.  If using the 360 or Xbox One, the button you press is the Y button.  On PC, you will have to click the mouse wheel to do so.

4.  Go to The Pursuer’s location.  (I will assume that you tried to battle The Pursuer and died, so I am not including directions)  It will be concealed by mist, so you will have to cross through there.

This is the battleground where you battle The Pursuer in the boss battle

5.  Parry The Pursuer.  This is the most difficult part as your timing will have to be absolutely perfect.  On PS3 and PS4, you will press L2 right before The Pursuer’s attack connects.  360 and Xbox One users will have to press LT.  PC users will have to hold Shift, then left click.  If you did this right, you will see The Pursuer stagger and hear him groan.

He is parried!

6.  Run to the Ballista and use it.  If you timed it right he will also be in front of one of the two Ballistas on the field.  Using the Ballista will cause The Pursuer to lose over ¾ of his health.

There are two Ballistas on the field.  Get The Pursuer in front of one of them before parrying

7.  Finish off The Pursuer.  Dodge his attacks or parry and when you have a window, it should take four normal Rapier hits to bring him down.  

That should do it.  Your rewards for defeating him is the Soul of The Pursuer, the Ring of Blades, and 17000 souls.  On New Game Plus, the amount of souls you get is 19000.

Yay!  He is defeated!
Use this video if you want a visual representation (Please note this guy uses different weapons than I did)
Some people want a fair challenge.  If you do not want to use the Ballista trick, then watch this video for advice

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