A Walkthrough of Portal: Test Chamber 08

This post gives directions on how to complete test chamber 08 in the gameĀ Portal. This Test Chamber is about halfway through. It is not as much of a challenge in comparison to later test chambers in the game. For those that need help, below is I give instructions to aid in the completion of the level. It will be demonstrate with pictures and a short description of what to do.

Step One: Shoot the blue portal underneath the cube on the other side of the room. This will then transport the cube through the orange portal that is located on the platform above your head. 
Step Two: Shoot the blue portal at the wall directly in front of you. When you walk through it, you will be walking to the platform where you have just transported the cube. 
Step Three: Now that you are on the platform, you can see that there is a window opening you are able to shoot a portal through. Shoot the blue portal onto the far wall that can be seen through this window.
Step Four: Pick up the cube that is on the platform next to you. Turn around and walk through the orange portal. You will now drop down into the adjacent room where your blue portal now is. 
Step Five: Walk up to the big red button. Drop the cube you are holding onto the button. This will then activate and open the door behind you. 
Step Six: Woohoo! The final step! Now all you must do is walk through the open door and into the lift at the end of the hallway. Then the level has been completed.

I have compiled this all in a one minute video walking through the steps which can be viewed here. If you find yourself to be stumped looking at this picture only, then perhaps the video will help. Happy gaming!

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