October Minecraft Walkthroughs

Happy October everyone! Enjoy dressing up and carving pumpkins!

In this short walk through we create a Jack ‘O Lantern.


  1. Chop down a tree for wood.
  2. Mine some coal.
  3. find a pumpkin and take it.
  4. open up inventory for use of crafting slots.
  5. place wood in a slot to make planks
  6. place two planks vertically to make sticks
  7. place a stick in a bottom slot and a piece of coal directly above it to craft a torch.
  8. place the torch in a bottom slot and the pumpkin directly above it to craft the Jack ‘O Lantern.
  9. Place wherever you please, Jack ‘O Lantern gives off light.  

Dressing and leading your Llamas 

  1. Have plenty of wool, either sheer or kill.
  2. have plants of various colors. 
  3. using your inventory slot, place the desired plant in a crafting slot to create the dye.
  4. place both the dye and wool in the crafting slots to create dyed wool.
  5. place two wool side by side to create three pieces of carpet.
  6. Right-click the llama of your choosing. 
  7. open up your inventory while on the llama.
  8. place desired carpet in llama inventory slot found left of the llama.

Making a Lead:

  1.  Get at least four pieces of string by either killing spiders or crafting it from cotton.
  2. Get slime by killing slims.
  3. using a crafting table place a slimeball in the center, string in the top left corner with string under it and beside it, and string in the bottom right corner to create a lead.
  4. with the lead in your hand right-click a llama and up to ten llamas may follow.
  5. right click a fence or post to tie the llama off.

you may have more than one llama on a lead at a time, all you need is more leads in your hand.  

Every color combination for llamas is shown in this video

Vimeo embeds are not working, here are the links:                                    llamas:   https://vimeo.com/293154980                                                                  Jack ‘O Lantern: https://vimeo.com/293144487

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