Ms Pac-Man

Ms Pac-Man is an arcade video game that is also played on Atari, Game Boy Color, Xbox 360, iPhone app, Windows and Playstation 3. It was developed by Midway Manufacturing Corporation, it was released in North America in 1983 but the initial release date was 1981. It is one of the most popular video games. It can be player with 1 or 2 players. You can now play the game online in your browser here

Game Play, there are no patterns for playing Ms Pac-Man just strategies.

  1. Eat as many dots as possible and avoid the ghost.
  2. Only eat the power pellets when you are trapped by ghost.
  3. Maximize your points by eating a power pellet when several ghost are close.

Group the Ghost in one area before eating a power pellet. Collect as many prize items as possible during the game. Prize items can be fruit or pretzels.

Ghost strategies:

  1. The red ghost always moves towards you.
  2. Pink ghost tries to cut you off by moving in the same direction as Ms Pac-man.
  3. Blue ghost can take on the features of any of the other ghost.
  4. Brown will try to get close to you, after a certain point the ghost will go to the bottom corner.

The more progress you make during the game, the more aggressive the ghost become.


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