Battlerite Royale: A Review

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) and Battle Royale games are now relatively well-known game genres. MOBAs are typically played from an isometric perspective, will Battle Royale games are usually played from a first or third person perspective. Stunlock Studios takes a unique approach by combining elements of both into its newest game computer game, Battlerite Royale. 

First, I’ll begin by explaining the general controls, then I will discuss how a match plays. Finally, I’ll discuss what makes Battlerite Royale stand out from both its MOBA and Battle Royale peers.

Movement is controlled by the W A S and D keys. Each character has seven abilities that correspond to the following keys: left mouse click, right mouse click, space, Q, E, R, and F. The mouse cursor is used to aim abilities. Left mouse click corresponds to each characters basic attack, such as throwing a fireball or swinging an ax. F is used to activate a character’s ultimate ability once they have generated enough energy from dealing damage to other players. The other abilities will need to be obtained from breaking chests, purchasing them, or looted from fallen enemies.

The Z key is used to summon a mount, and if the player has a carrot in their inventory, they can press Z again while mounted to gain a speed boost. Additionally, the 1, 2, and 3 keys are used to activated consumable items.

To begin a match, the player first selects a character that they wish to play. They then wait in a short matchmaking queue to be placed with other players of a similar skill level. Once the player loads in, they are placed in the lobby while all other players connect to the match. From here, players receive enough starting gold to purchase two abilities. Each character has two abilities indicated as recommended on the shop screen. Once all players have connected, there will be a thirty-second timer before they will be put on to one of two flying wolf creatures from which they will drop onto the map.

The map has several named locations that players can drop to. It is recommended to drop in a named location due to the presence of a large number of chests. Chests, as well as the mechanic of skydiving into the battle, are some of the well-known mechanics of a Battle Royale. Players break the chests to get gold, consumables, and other (possibly higher quality versions of) abilities. This is this initial phase of the match, gathering items to increase in power, and be better able to hold one’s own in a fight. Once all players have landed, a circle will appear on the map along with a timer, indicating the incoming storm. The storm is a constantly encroaching force and is as equally dangerous as other players. As the match progresses, the circle becomes smaller and smaller, forcing the remaining players to converge on a single point. Depending on how they were able to outfit themselves, in addition to their skill, players will duke it out until one remains, and claim victory.

Battlerite Royale is the first time, to my knowledge, that a isometric camera perspective has been used in a Battle Royale. I feel that it creates a more even view of the battlefield, becuase unlike the view in a first person game, you can see a radius around your character, rather than just what is in front of you. When being ambushed from behind with a shotgun, it can feel like nothing was able to have been done. In Battlerite Royale, being able to view all around your character at once allows you to see more of the battlefield at once, and in the case of a skirmish involving more than two players, you can also weave in and out of the battle if it is not going in your favor. I hope that in the future, other developers use the isometric perspective in other creative ways.

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