HCR Walkthrough: Best Way to Earn Coins Fast

Objective: Find the most efficient way to earn coins quickly in Hill Climb Racer

Welcome! This is a guide on the best most streamline way to obtain as many coins as possible in the shortest time possible. 

Getting Started

  1. First, play the CountrySide stage as many times as it takes to save up the 100,000 Coin to buy the monster Truck. Do not worry about upgrading the Jeep at all!

2. Second, once you have purchased the Monster Truck, play the  CountrySide stage until you save up the 200,000 coin to buy the Moon Stage. Tip: This may seem like it is taking forever, but the monster truck will pay for itself in about two runs! 

3. Third, now that you have unlocked the Moon you are done! This Stage and the Monster Truck will give you more coin than you will know what to do with!

Trust me I have tested this theory! I have tried other ways of leveling up and none of them compare to the abundant amount of coin you get on the moon. Thanks for reading. 

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