Cats, Dogs, and Space Ninjas: A Guide to Kavats and Kubrows in Warframe

Adventuring through space in Warframe can get quite lonely. Luckily for players, they can unlock the ability to raise either a Kubrow (a dog like creature), or a Kavat (a cat like creature).

To begin, players must first complete the junction on Venus to unlock the quest “Howl of the Kubrow”. A junction is a small solo boss fight that will unlock the next planet in the Star Chart, something that players will naturally work toward during normal play.

Next, players will need to complete the quest in order to continue on their journey to pet ownership. Quests in Warframe are played out over the course of several missions and include a large chunk of the narrative experiences in the game. When the player initiates the quest, they will receive the following message in their inbox:

Now that the player knows where to begin, by obtaining the incubator segment from the Venus, they have the first mission they need to complete. In order to obtain the segment, the survival mission requires players to survive for ten minutes against endless waves of enemies, while also keeping track of one’s life support levels.

Once they have the segment, they need to obtain a Kubrow egg, and yes these space dogs do indeed hatch from eggs, from Earth. There are several ways to get an egg. The first is to find one while competing missions on Earth. Another way is as a reward from an Alert Mission. The last way is to buy one from the market. Regardless of how the egg is obtained, once it is acquired players can move on to the next step.

Once the egg has been obtained, the player will then need to incubate the egg in the newly installed incubator segment. To properly incubate the egg, an Incubator Power Core must be constructed. This requires several rare materials, and may take some time to gather. Once the power core has completed construction, it will take at most forty-eight hours for the egg to incubate. Once incubation has completed, players can continue the quest.

Finally, to complete the quest, the player must go on a mission with their new companion in order to form a bond. The mission requires the player to defend their newly hatched Kubrow from five waves of enemies.

This conlcudes the quest, Howl of the Kubrow. But what if you’d prefer to have a cat to aid you on your missions throughout the solar system? Luckily for you, there are also Kavats.

Now that the player has access to the incubator segment, players may install the Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment. Rather than incubating an egg, Kavats require samples of their genetic code. Once the genetic code samples are acquire, they can be incubated in a simalar way to Kubrow eggs.

Whether you adventure with a Kavat or a Kubrow, they can certainly make exploring the solar system a bit less lonely!

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