Uldred Fight Dragon Age Origins

The Broken Circle Quest is long and can be tedious.  This is the final fight, which compared to the long fights in the Fade, is not terribly difficult just annoying.

First, you need to have the Litany of Adralla equipped for easy access as it is vital if you do not want Uldred to keep creating enemies.

Next, you should kill the Abominations first.  They have lower health and are easier to kill.  This makes it easier to fight Uldred since you don’t have enemies attacking you from all sides now.

Frequently pause.  This is important because if you miss Wynne’s warning about Uldred, it is easy to miss the mages being turned into Abominations.  You can ignore this step if you don’t mind murdering all the mages, or if you agreed to Cullen’s proposal in the previous chamber.

You should also frequently heal.  With Wynne on your team she will take care of that for you, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on companion health.

Finally, kill Uldred.  There’s no secret way to kill him instantly, just wear him down with attacks.  As far as Pride demons go, he’s not that bad to deal with.  Compared to Pride demons in Inquisition who have Guard, or even Ogre’s in Origins, he isn’t difficult.  The difficulty of this fight is keeping an eye on the Litany and the Mages.

If you are interested in a full walkthrough of the Circle Tower and the Broken Circle Quest, I recommend checking out the wiki for Dragon age.  It has lots of great walkthroughs and additional information about the games.

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