Animal Crossing Walk-Through: How To Collect the Most Amount of Bells

The Animal Crossing Economy thrives on the making and spending of “bells”, which is the name of the currency in the world of Animal Crossing.  If you’ve ever played the game before, you’ve probably been strapped for bells like I have. I’d like to outline a few simple tips for acquiring and saving bells so you can finally pay off your debt to Tom Nook and rise to become a one-percenter in no time! 

  1. Bark Up the Right Tree

In the world of Animal Crossing, the most obvious feature is the abundance of trees on the landscape. At first glance, the trees seem to produce only fruit, but upon shaking the tree, it might drop bells! Money DOES grow on trees and don’t tell me otherwise!

2. Shovel 

Along with the trees, the natural landscape of Animal Crossing also provides another way to find bells. The boulders in the landscape yield bells sometimes. You will need to purchase a shovel from Tom Nook’s shop for this process, which I understand is an unhelpful tip if you have no bells but maybe go shake a few trees. After purchasing the shovel, you can now go out and knock some rocks.  

3. Buried Treasure

Not only is the shovel handy for rocking out (cringe), but it also can be used to dig up fossils. When a divot is found in the ground, take your shovel and shove it! Dig! And if you find a fossil, sell it to Tom Nook at his shop for bells.

4. Lost and Find! 

The old saying goes…”One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” And in Animal Crossing, this just so happens to be true. If you go to the gate at the back of the landscape, there are two guards named Cooper & Booker who are in charge of the lost and found of Animal Crossing. You can freely browse and take from the lost in found and sell these items to Tom Nook at his shop for bells. This is a great option because you do not have to expend bells in order to get the products to sell. 

5. Nature is Key

A huge bell maker in this game is nature. Once you’ve acquired a butterfly net and a fishing rod from Tom Nook’s shop, you can fish in the rivers and ocean and hunt for bugs. When you catch these creatures you can take them to Tom Nook’s shop and exchange them for bells. Exploit nature and become rich! Use it for your gain! Make bells! 

6. The One Time it is Ok to Trust a Bank…

…is now! Go to the bank in Animal Crossing and deposit your hard found bells to make interest! It will take time and probably not make a lot of bells but over time you might make as many bells off of interest as you have fingers and toes. 

7. Send a Message in a Bottle

Another feature in the game is to send a message in a bottle far out into the ocean. Who will it go to? I don’t know! But write in your note that you need bells and maybe a kind rich stranger will send you cold hard bells. 

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