The Wizard as a Time Piece – Movie Review

The Wizard  is an interesting film  in the way that not only is it a fun road trip movie about a group of friends trying to make it to the Nintendo World championship, but it is also an extremely interesting look back at the culture of the late 80s and early 90s and the craze around Nintendo and its products. 

The whole movie is essentially a walking ad for Nintendo products ranging from the NES itself, its games, and even the notorious Powerglove for as the movie so aptly puts it “its so bad”.   Heck, the movie even attempts to make it seem like the kid who uses the glove is at a distinct advantage over the one using the traditional controller even though this could not be even further from the actual truth. 

From there you can even break down the characters into 90s stereotypes. You have our “wizard” being the little brother character, the older brother is protective and brash, and of course you have your token female character because the group needed a girl to round it out.  Even the “bad boy” character that shows up in the movie is wearing a leather jacket and is hanging out with his own group of hooligans. 

In essence, while this movie is not exactly what can be called of “high quality” the move does do a good job of simply just being a fun cheesy ride through the vanilla world of what early 90s movies were like. It acts as a strong time piece and dates itself extremely well based on the pop cultural references and the tropes it so heavily leans on.

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