The final project for this course will be a game design, creative project, or something else that offers a sustained engagement with a specific game or games or with some noteworthy aspect of game culture, building off of and incorporating the ideas and scholarship we’ve been exploring all semester.

A successful project will articulate a clear question and then explore or engage with that question in the course of a project. Group projects are welcome and will be encouraged, but each individual will be responsible for a reflective artist’s statement. Projects should include a deliverable product of some sort and will be presented in a showcase event during the last week of classes.


The form the project may take will vary according to an individual student’s interests and goals, but each will be evaluated with the following four elements:

  • Craft: Execute the selected project with competent engagement of the selected modality (whether that modality is a research essay, a game design, a personal narrative, or something else)
  • Theme: Find relevant and domain-appropriate examples of the text or culture under consideration
  • Context: Use the project to advance a cogent argument and operating principle, building off of appropriate prior scholarly.
  • Novelty: Make the argument in your project compelling, impactful, and surprising.


The 20 points available for the final project are broken down into several pieces as follows:

  • Proposal. A series of answers to questions arranged in a quiz format. These should be followed by a conference to discuss your idea. (4 points; Due November 19)
  • First draft. The complete, polished and accessible project in its entirety. (10 points; Due December 5)
  • Final Draft. The final, final version of your project, taking into account any revisions suggested in response to the “first draft.” (3 points; Due December 12)
  • Reflection and Self-Evaluation. A short artist’s statement evaluating your work for this project and reflecting on its success. (4 points; Due December 12)